Friday, April 3, 2009

Anyone know of any summer jobs?

This summer I'm thinking about getting a job, but am not sure about where to apply. I'm 16 and live in southern illinois close to st. louis. Any ideas?

The only constant is change.

What is a good store to shop at..?

..for guy's shoes??

Foot Locker is good but it can be expensive...any cheaper stores out there with nice kicks? Or even online maybe with no shipping charges?

Try online under the clearance sections!

how about target, wal-mart, and Kohl's. they sell shoes there too.


How much is food in london as opposed to up north ?

You can slap and extra pound or two onto every price in London compared with prices up north.

Edit: I realise that doesn't really make sense! Allow me to re-phrase: You can slap an extra pound or two on the prices you pay up north, and that brings you closer to London prices.

Do you mean restaurant prices or shopping?

Restaurants will be quite a bit more expensive than up north but shopping prices will only be a little dearer. A lot will depend on where you shop or eat.

What jobs can I get? I

I need a job because my parents are making me pay for most of my things now, because of this recession and everything, and money is starting to get a bit tight. My friends and parents don't know anyone who can employ me, I've asked around. I'm just scared of missing out on things my friends can do because they can afford it.

I don't think think achievements really count at my age, but I generally get good marks, and am in top sets for most things.

What official jobs can I get... oh and I live in Cornwal

at 16 you count as an adult and can get most jobs, i cant get any ive tried for like a year and a half

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Do you love thrift stores?

I go to thrift stores... ( just for fun!) and I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE BUYING CRAZY STUFF BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN TO BUY random stuff

I love the when I'm in the mood.

When I am not, I have no patience for them and don't like them.

There never seems to be a gray area!

If UPS drops off a package that has YOUR address, but ..?

Not your name, is it yours?

I know what the moral thing to do would be, but lets say the name is your cheating boyfriends or something. Since the package has my address on it, can I open it? legally?

Legally i think you can't but why would you

hmm. dunno.

i did that once.. i was excited because i thought my package got here early.. when i ripped open the box (like the little kid that i am when stuff i ordered comes) and saw it wasn't mine, i ran out the door barefooot with the box over my head and ran down the ups truck. they didn't seem to care that it was open, so i guess it's not too much of a big deal. as far as keeping it, no, i don't think so... regardless of the address, it's still to be opened by the addressee.. but i think it's less trouble than if it were a USPS package (which is serious since it's tied to the goevernment)

Not legally - but you could always open it and say the package never came to your house (unless you signed for it).

And if he really went to the lengths to sue you - he would never be able to prove that he didn't give you consent to open it.

Legally, it doesn't matter about the address. The only important thing is the name. If it's not your name, you cannot legally open it. I mean you can still open it if you want to, but the person it belongs to could sue you.

No, just because it has your address on it, it's still not yours. Same with mail, it doesn't have your name on it, so you aren't supposed to open it.

Do you know the karma thing? That is that what you do to someone is what someone else will do to you. Is it ok with you for someone to do that to you?

Well no if it is from your boyfriend then yes but if it is for your boyfriend then no you have to give it to him its personal property and it is his so you kinda have to

No, because it could be a mix up. Just because it is sent to you, does not make it yours. it is still someone else's mail thus you cant (legally) open it.

Legally if it has his name on it I'm pretty sure you can't open it unless you have his consent to open it.

Nope. just because it says your address does not mean its yours. I would take it back and see whats going on, better safe than sorry!

probably not. but i would deff open it anyways and then package it exactly how it was


no you cannot

Do you think the stimmulus package will work?

I doubt it will.

That money is too little too late...

The US is screwed... We already owe over 4 TRILLION dollars to China

and there is no end to the government's budget deficit.

Millions of people don't have jobs.

Minimum wage has gone up to try to save the average people, but it seems to do the opposite. Bosses have to lay people off because they can't make enough money to pay for the work, so they take their money and pay people from other countries.

People's house value has gone down and they can not refinance.

Mortgage companies go directly to foreclosure when people can't pay their bills. These companies act out of greed.

This is a failure of American capitalism. We need some major reforms.

well said

This is odd but here it goes. Does USPS charges you for its mail delivery service to your home?

Yes and no. You don't need to pay for your mail being put into your box, unless it is short postage. If it is short postage, they will want you to make up the difference before you'll get your mail. But when the sender puts postage on the mail, that is paying for the delivery service. Then, if you are sending something, you will need to pay for them to put it in the recipients mailbox.

I thought they aren't allow to. Delivery is free unless you make other arrangements then their normal free delivery. Your only suppose to pay on the ship side. Unless it's postage due.

Yes. You pay for it with postage stamps and postage fees.

Is Chicago or Washington DC a better place to practice law?

I practice law in DC. I have friends who practice in Chicago. Neither is "better," but each one is different from the other.

Chicago handles more corporate law matters. If you are interested in securities, mergers and acquisitions, and that sort of thing, Chicago is a better bet.

DC law firms are stronger in their regulatory practices, for obvious reasons. They are also better for patent and trademark lawyers. And of course, they get involved in lobbying and trade association work.

If you want to have a practice that is more oriented towards individuals than businesses, it really doesn't matter. There are divorces, adoptions, real estate closings, wills, DUI cases, and employer/employee disputes in both places.

The rest of the equation is lifestyle. Chicago has much colder winters, but it also has real neighborhoods. Washington has an exciting downtown and very nice suburbs, but it lacks Chicago's ethnic diversity. Whether that is a plus or a minus depends on who you are. There are plenty of shows, restaurants and nightlife in both cities. Washington's economy, which still depends a lot on the government, is more stable in these economic times. The recession has hit here, but not like it has in the midwest. Chicago is a better sports city. Although we have teams in all the major pro sports, only the Redskins get the kind of intense loyalty that the Bears, Cubs, White Sox and Bulls do.

In the end, the "better" place is the one where you personally feel more comfortable. Only you can decide that. Good luck, whatever your choice!!

id say chicago, and thats just based on the fact that the population in chicago is much higher than the population in dc. u'd have a much bigger clientele and less competition.


DC, unless you're crooked.


Ms Jane McGregor Processing Officer Travel and Tours Agency 6th Floor, 29 Bressenden Place London, SW 1E 5?



Travel and Tours Agency is a Philippines company. Is this for a job you have been offered even though you never applied for it and have never met anyone for an interview ?

Don't send them any money.

I need tomake a pair of spectacles where can i make a good pair of spectacles?

benjamin gates!

go to the eye doctor and buy some GLASSES?

Friendswood/Houston EASY Question?

How far is it from northeast Houston to friendswood Texas with traffic?

map web sites say about 35 minutes.

It depends. Maybe in the early hours of a Monday morning before the traffic starts. It could take about 1 1/2 hours just to get through or around Houston. 20 - 30 minutes city limits to city limits. Went there a couple of times.

with traffic? it depends how bad traffic is. it could take an hour. traffic is bad in houston

Does anyone work in the photo department at Walgreens?

If so, how is it? What are the main jobs in the photo department?

I work in the photo department at Walgreens, I've only worked there for about a month and a half though. The main jobs photo has to do is

1. Develop all film/kiosk/online orders

2. Perform Routine Maintenance Tasks on the machines

3. Face Aisles

4. Help with stocking duties (if there is no floor person on a shift) also in charge of stocking the coolers.

5. Sweep/mop floors/Compact trash, generally clean the store

6. Cover Cashier's Lunch and breaks

7. Count down main register, and photo register (at least my store)

8. Refill/Recycle Printer Ink Cartridges

9. Make Suggestive Sales

10. and most importantly, you are the managers' slave. You have to do whatever they tell you to do in addition to your regular duties.

SASE-How do I do it? (Canada-US-Canada)?

I need to send a padded envelope SASE to the US from Ontario, but 'm not sure how to do it.

Can they be sent over the boarder? Does it have to be an envelope inside another envelope?

Please explain to me how to send a SASE? It is for plant seeds, I have to send the packaging to him and he will return it to me with the seeds.

I am looking to do the same thing. Since I can't find any answers I think I will have to go to the post office and ask them. To be safe, I would do the same if I were you. That way you know you're doing it right.

Does American Eagle still sell bras in their stores(not online store)?

I was wondering if American Eagle still sell bras in their stores. I know they have them online, but I've gone a couple times into the stores and did not see any bras.

Some of the American Eagles still carry a small collection of lounge wear that includes bras, panties, and pajamas. Most of the malls now have an AERIE store which is owned by American Eagle that carries only lounge wear. You're best bet is to find which mall around you has an AERIE store. You'll find whatever bra you are looking for there.

I think you have to go the Aerie stores (owned by American Eagle) to get the bras, panties and PJs now.


Chill out everyone......English obviously isn't his first language..

But to answer your question, try Google.

go to school make a right at the cafe leave out that door do down the street make a left at the high way then go down the 2nd ramp turn rihgt go into the gas station order a coffee drink it spit it out walk out but pay first cross the street enter the parkway of the mall scream hello everyone and then go home. ok hoped this helped.

Pardon me?


Heyaa... im sorry i cant answer your question, i have no idea what your going on about :\


VCR VCR wheretobuy?

Sears, Target, Walmart, Yard Sale, Kmart, Dollar Store


oh goddd i think you're SOL

a store

Wat is SUBLIIMAL Messagging?

something obvious thats hidden so it isnt as obvious

when you spell words wrong, apparently...

Vit C?

where buy ??

Any grocery store, health food store, drug store or Walmart type store would have it.

Where can i buy cheap luggage in Sydney?

I want to buy a small suitcase with wheels that i can take in the cabin as hand luggage. Ideally a shop near the city centre/CDB.


While it's true that there would be no shortage of places that have them, you will get a better deal if you shop around. I'm talking as low as $25 for small one with wheels like you describe.

I think that the cheapest price or a least a good price will either be at one of the well-known department stores such as Big W (usually cheaper), K Mart or Target, or otherwise have a look at those "$2 stores" such as The Reject Shop (though their quality may not be five star it should still be quite fine - obviously you can have a look before you buy too).

I just looked up Big W for you in sydney CBD, and although there isn't one, and unless it's changed there should be a supersized Woolworths which should stock a lot of what Big W does (same company). Corner of Park & George Streets I believe.


How can a 28-year old guy can make some money in this economy,after just doing 10years in Georgia prisons?

buy anything in bulk, like shoes, rugs, pocket books. and sell them at roadside stands. set up a stand in a town on thursday and set up there through sunday. people will see you on thursday usually get paid on friday and ride around on the weekend. next week go to a different town.

Keep your inventory limited to one or two things, for example, if you are going to sell shoes, sell only shoes. you'll become known as the shoe man. and people will be expecting you to come back.

I usually had 7 or 8 towns that i rotated through.

oh yeah, you will have to buy business licenses for each town. that is no big deal though. not that you would, but since you just got out of jail. do not have anything illegal at your set up. because police and licsense enforcement guys are going to come to your stand regularly, sometimes every day. good luck.

Where is a good place to work?

Im a 16 year old boy who goes to school and drives

right now any place that will hire you. Untill Obama fixes our f-ed up economy and everybody stops laying off ppl.

Where r the pasar malams?



can we buy at



Wat is GOLD?

shiny metal.

Yo fu, that be the stuff you put in yo mouf, ya no, bling. unless yo dentist be a playa hata. and wear that **** around yo neck so all da b$ches be all like, 'that fu be down wit it'.

its gold

Troy and Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital of Michigan are running so lean they are sacrificing care?

Has anyone else found this to be true? I just spent 5 days there and every department was so over loaded the wait for care was very excessive. When I was scheduled to be discharged they sent my nurse home and made me wait 3 hours til another nurse was available. Lab results took extra days because they were understaffed. The rooms were not clean because housekeeping was understaffed. Nurses kept apologizing that it took to many hours to reset IV alarms, change IV, issue meds, and update report information because they were understaffed. Of course the food was hospital grade and always cold because the transporters were understaffed. Radiology reports were delayed because of the same issue. My insurance will not get a discount for the hospital saving money and I have to transfer to another hospital because they were not able to diagnose my health issue (nurses kept apologizing and suggested to go else where).

In the US we pay for health care it has always been like this. I love the Royal Oak Beaumont hospital. I think they do a great job. I live in Detroit and when sick and injure I make my way to them. Even though Detroit have 8 hospital in the downtown area and is consider some of the best in the world I still consider St. John and Beaumont better for the type of needs that I require. I'm willing to pay a little extra for the service and perks they give. I never had a problem. Maybe you should call the patience relation department and complaint.

You know it is like this all across america and canada now..It is frustrating but what helps me deal with it is realizing we still have it very good compared to so many overseas hospitals.Go onto websites about foreign hospitals and especially in third world countries and when it feels like you are being neglected this will help..OK

Where would be a good place to set up my massage chair for some street work? Is it legal?

I don't have a license, but I have big strong hands and I know how to give a good massage. I was thinking a beach would be a good place... I will charge .50 cents a minute. Looking for some other ideas, thanks.

Some areas any business requires a license. So you will need to check with your local business chamber of commerce. As to being a good business idea? I would recommend going to a mall as those people would be more likely to be moving around and a higher probability of getting customers.

Yonge ST. in Toronto

How can I find a local laser engraving service in the Los Angeles area?

I own a promotional goods business and I want to now make custom trophies and plaques. I am trying to find a company that I can outsource this work to.

I know for a FACT that LA has a HUGE YELLOW PAGES PHONE BOOK... you DO know how to use a f#@king PHONE BOOK... right? then LOOK IT UP.

After my 26 weeks paid maternity leave I have no job to return to as the company I worked for has closed.?

The company I worked for has closed due to the recession what are my entitlements now under the Social Welfare Act?

After your 26 weeks have ended you should be able to sign on for Job Seekers Allowance, go and talk to your job centre now or your Citizens Advice Bureau.

London Employment Agencies, are there any decent ones?

I've recently spoken deal with the most condescending, trumped up, unhelpful person at an agency called Morgan Hunt in London. Are there any agencies out there staffed by people who aren't?

no infact non in whole coutry they are basically vultures.

What fast food/department stores can i apply to online, im 16?

Please tell me im desperate for a job

mc donalds, all of them paper aplications are non existant