Thursday, July 22, 2010

How does the transport system works in Bristol? and what is a good area to live ?

Hello folks,

I am going to be moving to Bristol from Italy in september to improve my english and maybe attend college in the future, and I am wondering which area of Bristol would be the most convenient and safe to live.

With convenient I meant not that expensive and at the same time not so far from grocery shops and buss stops ...

Since I havent been able to find much info on google, I would also like to know how the transport system works in Bristol, if its reliable and its costs..

In addition, I would appreciate if someone could tell me something about the job situation in Bristol, such as the unemployment rate, and job possibilities. I will be looking for a job as waiter or kitchen helper for the beginning, would it be that hard to find ??


The ideal areas would probably be St Andrews or Bishopston; these are close to the Gloucester Road which is a main high street with shops, bars, restaurants and plenty of buses. They

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