Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have an interview at Sears next week, and I thought about wearing black slacks and a blue button up shirt.?

Would that be ok?
Congratulations, getting an interview in this tough economic market is a challenge in itself so you have won half the battle. But to answer your question, do you have a white blouse? Colors can make the difference in getting a job or not getting a job. Certain colors represent who you are and from my experience having interviewed in various markets the rules are as follows: soft pale colors with clean lines should be worn in such jobs as retail, clerical, and public service positions. Hard colors such as blues, blacks and reds should only be worn in corporate positions to showcase serious, corporate dedication to the job at hand.

Just remember eye contact, sit up straight, and be yourself. Good Luck
I agree with the first poster, but will also throw in my 2 cents. Make sure you wear closed-toed, nice shoes, and make they

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